Discover the Beauty of 3D Crystal Engraving in Picture Necklaces

3d Crystal Engraving Necklace

Necklaces are a popular gift due to their symbolic and affectionate properties. They go beyond a traditional jewellery piece and provide feelings of love when wrapped around. While celebrating special moments, picture necklaces can be perfect for commemorating milestones. They remind us of significant events like wedding anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, or the first time we met someone. 

Let’s look at how necklaces with pictures inside are as unique and precious gifts to loved ones

Unveiling the Captivating World of 3D Crystal Engraving

Engraving necklaces and jewellery has been done for millennia. In ancient times, engraving helped create grooves on hard surfaces. However, the current laser engraving technology started in the 1960s, when the first functional lasers were developed for etching on materials. 

3D crystal engraving is a revolutionary process that has opened doors to precise engraving on small surfaces, including rings and pendants. It allows engraving messages and designs without extensive heat while minimising damage, ensuring a clearer and more elegant result. Our 3D laser engraving gives you a lifelike representation of your cherished memories that sparkles from every angle.

Elevate Your Style: Picture Necklaces Redefined

Picture necklaces help fashionably preserve memories. 3D crystal necklaces from 3D Crystal Pixel can preserve your memories for lasting endurance. As engravings bring photos to life, a 3D crystal picture necklace offers a unique and affectionate way to keep loved ones close.

The necklaces we carry also tell a fascinating story about our life events. The engraved images provide a three-dimensional depth that beautifully catches natural light. The clarity of the crystal helps make the necklace stand out, making you the focus of every conversation. For those seeking to make a fashion statement at prestigious events such as weddings, parties, birthdays, and corporate gatherings, a 3D crystal photo necklace is the quintessential accessory.

Crafting Memories: The Artistry Behind 3D Crystal Engraved Jewelry.

Creating 3D crystal-engraved jewellery requires years of experience and a tradition of craftsmanship. This meticulous process requires technological precision and training to convert high-resolution photographs into three-dimensional depth maps that accurately display the thoughtfulness and love you wish to share.

The picture necklace engraving at 3D Crystal Pixel is a quality-controlled process that ensures you get the best designs and necklaces that last forever. 

  • It starts with you choosing a high-quality and memorable photo that can be edited to form a three-dimensional map that is ready to be engraved. 
  • Laser engraving machines use precise measurements to get the desired depth and minimise damage.
  • Debris are removed, and the jewellery is polished to restore a perfect shine.
  • Coloring agents are used to create a more pronounced image.

Uniqueness Personified: How Picture Necklaces Stand Out

Trained and experienced artisans at 3D Crystal Pixel ensure each necklace is perfect and unique. The picture inside is carefully edited and colour-corrected to maintain emotional resonance and high-quality precision. As every necklace is one-of-a-kind, they stand out from other mass-produced items.

The uniqueness of a necklace with a picture inside lasts forever. These durable crystal glass necklaces continue to hold sentimental value even after years of making and being passed over to generations. Although every unique necklace may take some time to craft, these remain a beautiful way to celebrate life’s precious memories.


Necklaces with images inside made from illuminating 3D crystals remain one of the most unique gifts for your loved ones. While being an excellent and innovative way to keep your most cherished memories close to your heart, they last forever, like the memories of your beloved friends and family members. Choose your 3D crystal necklace today and share it as a memorable gift. 


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How does 3D engraving work?

The 3D engraving process at 3D Crystal Pixel starts with you choosing a high-quality image and necklace material. Our laser technology engraves messages and photos with high precision to reduce damage and maintain natural shine. 

Which is the best 3D crystal photo company?

3D Crystal Pixel is one of the best 3D crystal photo companies that provides high-quality K9 crystals that can withstand the test of time. These crystals have high clarity and luminosity and look beautiful even after years of making.

How do you make a necklace with a picture on it?

Upload your high-deficiency images that you wish to use in a 3D crystal necklace or pendant. Our laser machines and trained craftsmen will ensure your designs are created as desired with minimal damage. 

What is the difference between 2D crystal and 3D crystal?

While 2D crystals have a flat surface similar to photographs printed on plain glass, 3D crystals create a three-dimensional depth illusion with diverse geometric designs.